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Having worked at Fortune200 companies such as Ford and BMW, she works on general corporate matters, with an emphasis on Advisory for Labor and Digital Law. With extensive experience on legal executive roles, Ana has experience in audits, due diligence and preparation of judicial contingency reports, as well assists in strategic decision-making and risk analysis. With ease of communication, critical thinking, ability to adapt and exercise leadership, emotional and ethical resilience.

Expertise in Digital Law and the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), working with the implementation of a program to adapt to the new Privacy law, in particular, HR processes and labor relations. Elaboration of Legal opinions, contracts, privacy policies and notices, service to data subjects, review of flows and internal processes. Certified by Exin trail DPO – ISFS, POPP, PDPF and PDPE.
She currently provides internal consultancy in the areas of labor, intellectual property, data protection and contracts.


. 2013 - Masters in Labor Law - USP

. 2010 - Post Graduation in Litigation Labor Law at FGV/SP

. 2006 - Post Graduation in Labor Law - EPD/SP

. 2000 - Lawyer graduated from the Santos Metropolitan University - SP


+55 11 976 289 881
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Lawyer specialist in Criminal law and Sociologist. With experience in the area of compliance in financial institutions and working in the legal departments of non-governmental organizations focused on the protection of human rights, sociology and studies involving the conduct of human beings.


. 2022 - Graduation in Sociology and Politics at FESP/SP (graduating at 2025)

. 2021 - Post Graduation in Criminal Law - Mackenzie/SP

. 2018 - Lawyer graduated at FMU - SP

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Having served at several Technology Companies, Felipe's last executive role was leading the Global Anti-Corruption Program at Twitter while serving as Regional Compliance Officer for LatAm and Canada at Twitter. Felipe has a broad understanding of business legal needs, presenting his clients with effective and efficient solutions.


. 2017 - LLM in Law – Corruption in Latin America (UCDavis/California/USA)

. 2012 - Postgraduate in Labor Law (PUC/SP)

. 2008 - Postgraduate in Tax Law (LFG).

. 2006 - Lawyer graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of SP - PUC/S


+55 11 972 163 799
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Business-oriented advisor with relevant track record as outside counsel, global / latam legal executive for major companies, member of independent advisory boards and as international lecturer. 

Successfully handles complex corporate crisis, legal, regulatory and compliance issues; and counsels senior leaders on substantial issues focusing on strategic, sustainable and systematised outcomes.

Works effectively with c-suite level committees, senior and mid-level management and cross-functional structures (local and abroad). His experience in the government (Petrobras and Brazilian Army), academic (legal & compliance), in-house counsel (legal, compliance, regulatory matters, business administration and Corporate Security), outside counsel ("street" and corporate crimes) and NGO's (social) sectors brought together several skills that lead to innovative and effective solutions for corporate issues.


. 2022 - Master's student in Business Administration – FEA/USP (end of 2024)

. 2021 - Most Admired Lawyer in Brazil Analysis 500 - Compliance and Maritime sectors - 2nd time

. 2021 - Special credit postgrad stricto sensu - Business internationalization - FEA/USP

. 2020 - Most Admired Lawyer in Brazil Analysis 500 - Compliance

. 2017 - Special credit postgrad stricto sensu - Contemporary Criminal Law - Law/US

. 2017 - Co-Author Book - Parameterized Risk Analysis 2.0 : Risk Governance

. 2013 - Postgraduate studies in business administration – CBA – Insper/SP

2012 - Compliance & Ethics Academy – Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics – SCCE

. 2010 - LLM in Economic criminal Law – IBCCrim & Law School of Coimbra, Portugal

. 2009 - LLM in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law – PUC/SP – COGEAE

. 2006 - Lawyer graduated from the Law School of Mackenzie University

. 2000 - Infantry Lieutenant – Reserve Officers Center of the Brazilian Army – CPOR/SP

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