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Business-oriented advisor with relevant track record as outside counsel, global / latam legal executive for major companies, member of independent advisory boards and as international lecturer. 

Successfully handles complex corporate crisis, legal, regulatory and compliance issues; and counsels senior leaders on substantial issues focusing on strategic, sustainable and systematised outcomes.

Works effectively with c-suite level committees, senior and mid-level management and cross-functional structures (local and abroad). His experience in the government (Petrobras and Brazilian Army), academic (legal & compliance), in-house counsel (legal, compliance, regulatory matters, business administration and Corporate Security), outside counsel ("street" and corporate crimes) and NGO's (social) sectors brought together several skills that lead to innovative and effective solutions for corporate issues.


. 2023 - One of the 10 most admired lawyers in Compliance in Brazil - Compliance On Top 2023 (LEC & Vittore)

. 2023 - Most Admired Lawyer in Brazil Analysis 500 - Compliance (Análise 500) - 3rd time

. 2022 - Master's student in Business Administration – FEA/USP (end of 2024)

. 2021 - Most Admired Lawyer in Brazil Analysis 500 - Compliance and Maritime sectors - 2nd time

. 2021 - Special credit postgrad stricto sensu - Business internationalization - FEA/USP

. 2020 - Most Admired Lawyer in Brazil Analysis 500 - Compliance (Análise 500)

. 2017 - Special credit postgrad stricto sensu - Contemporary Criminal Law - Law/US

. 2017 - Co-Author Book - Parameterized Risk Analysis 2.0 : Risk Governance

. 2013 - Postgraduate studies in business administration – CBA – Insper/SP

2012 - Compliance & Ethics Academy – Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics – SCCE

. 2010 - LLM in Economic criminal Law – IBCCrim & Law School of Coimbra, Portugal

. 2009 - LLM in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law – PUC/SP – COGEAE

. 2006 - Lawyer graduated from the Law School of Mackenzie University

. 2000 - Infantry Lieutenant – Reserve Officers Center of the Brazilian Army – CPOR/SP



+55 11 941 997 063
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Felipe has 18+ years of experience working in technology multinational companies (such as Microsoft, Nextel), dealing with high profile litigation/ freedom of speach cases, law enforcement liaison, having headed Regional Legal and Compliance departments at a GE spin-off (GXS) and at SoftwareAG. Felipe worked 8 years for Twitter, where his last role was Global ABAC Compliance Officer as well as Regional Compliance Officer for Latam and Canada. Felipe is guest speaker and Compliance professor in several events/ institutions in the region (including Argentina and Chile), and co-authored books about the same subject. Felipe was chosen by Transparency International Brazil to lead a group of 40 researchers focused on the topic "Corruption, Corporate Governance and Compliance" and is also sounding board member of the The Integrity App, of the NGO Alliance for Integrity.


. 2023 - Article to the Brazilian Magazine, "Revista Crusoé", "O combate à corrupção não prejudica a economia" ("Fight corruption doesn't harm economy"(Link

. 2023 - Webinar Unpacking the Global Third-Party Due Diligence Regulatory Landscape - OCEG, 2023 (Link)

. Webinar: Technology and freedom of expression as tools to fight corruption ("A Tecnologia e a Liberdade de Expressão como Ferramentas de combate à Corrupção"). - IVEPESP (Link)

. 2023 - Interview to the ABC da Notícia 36 (tv and radio show) (Bandnews) - "O que é corrupção?" (Link).

. 2022 - V Seminario Internacional Anticorrupción - Chile - "Technology and Conflicts of Interest"- Chilean Controllership (Link - as from 1'36')

. 2018 - Co-authorship Book "Compliance: Efetividade de Essência" - article "Compliance: effectiveness and essence" - Brazilian BAR (OAB Nacional) (Link)

. 2018 - FCPA Institute - Conducted by Mike Khoeler, 2 full days training held in Philadelphia, US;

. 2017 - 4th edition | Portuguese DEPE Webinar Series - Webinar "Conflict of Interests" - Alliance for Integrity (Link)

. 2017 - 5th Annual Anti-Bribery Advanced Bootcamp, conducted by Hui Chen - 3-day training conducted by Hui Chen and other experts, about improving Compliance effectiveness;

. 2017 - SCCE - CCPE-I - Compliance Professional Certification;

. 2017 - LLM in Law – Corruption in Latin America (UCDavis/California/USA)

. 2012 - Postgraduate studies in Labor Law (PUC/SP)

. 2008 - Postgraduate studies in Tax Law (LFG/SP)

. 2006 - Lawyer graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of SP (PUC/SP)



+55 11 984 106 216
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Guilherme works in Compliance and Anti-Corruption since 2021. He has experience in due diligence and the creation of internal policies, as well as expertise in conducting internal investigations related to violations of the Anti-Corruption Law, both at the national and international levels. He has also worked with Administrative Law and Criminal Law. Currently, he is studyng Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo.


. 2024 - Lawyer graduated from the Law School of PUC/SP

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Undergraduate student at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo expected to graduate on 12/2023. Experienced in criminal law, handling out-of-court cases related to private companies and its litigious repercussions. She has also worked with Administrative Law in São Paulo's Civil Courts, assisting judges.


. 2024 - Bachelor of Laws and legal assistant graduated from PUC/SP

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With 22+ years of experience in both the public and private sectors, including 16+ years of executive experience in security, internal investigations, and enforcement for the Shopping Centers and Corporate Security sectors. Lawyer with a PhD degree in Law and specialized in Digital Law, acts as an independent Data Protection Officer (DPO) at IBREI. As lawyer acts in matters related to the Digital economy, Virtual personality rights and Corporate security risks and regulation.


Extensive executive involvement in the shopping centers and corporate security sector (Multiplan and Savoy), as well as in Compliance and Data Protection (TV Cultura – Fund. Padre Anchieta), brings profound expertise in the corporate risks faced by executives in the industry, allowing practical and sustainable solutions for the clients.


. 2023 (2024) - Post-doctoral researcher in the Philosophy of Technology (UFSC)

. 2023 – Author of the book "The Silicon Society: Artificial Intelligence and the Protection of Privacy"

. 2022 – Doctor of Law (FADISP)

. 2022 – Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) (IAPP)

. 2022 – Certified Data Protection Officer (CDPO) (IAPP)

. 2021 – Certified Privacy and Data Protection Essentials (PDPE) (EXIN)

. 2020 – Author of the book "Fake News: Freedom of Expression on Social Media in the Information Society"

. 2018 – Master of Law in the Information Society (FMU/SP)

. 2016 – Specialist in Applied Digital Law (FGV/SP)

. 2015 – Specialist in Civil Law (FMU/SP)

. 2005 – Lawyer graduated from the Law school of FMU/SP



+55 11 997 263 415
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Having worked at Fortune200 companies such as Ford and BMW, she works on general corporate matters, with an emphasis on Advisory for Labor and Digital Law. With extensive experience on legal executive roles, Ana has experience in audits, due diligence and preparation of judicial contingency reports, as well assists in strategic decision-making and risk analysis. With ease of communication, critical thinking, ability to adapt and exercise leadership, emotional and ethical resilience.

Expertise in Digital Law and the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), working with the implementation of a program to adapt to the new Privacy law, in particular, HR processes and labor relations. Elaboration of Legal opinions, contracts, privacy policies and notices, service to data subjects, review of flows and internal processes. Certified by Exin trail DPO – ISFS, POPP, PDPF and PDPE.
She currently provides internal consultancy in the areas of labor, intellectual property, data protection and contracts.


. 2013 - Masters in Labor Law - USP

. 2010 - Post Graduation in Litigation Labor Law at FGV/SP

. 2006 - Post Graduation in Labor Law - EPD/SP

. 2000 - Lawyer graduated from the Santos Metropolitan University - SP

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