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Compliance specialist with successful track record on implementing and coordinating compliance departments and executing investigations in contexts that varies from "Tech-Unicorn" Companies to structured multinational companies.

Experienced professional in the development of working-plans to effectively disseminate the integrity culture.
Works effectively for agile, workable and meaningful solutions for companies.


. 2019 - Master of Business Administration - Business Management - USP/Esalq

. 2018 - Compliance Programs Management, Executive Education - INSPER/SP 

. 2017 - Master's Degree - Criminal Procedural Law - PUC/SP

. 2017 - Digital Compliance, Executive Education - LEC

. 2016 - Risk Managment, Executive Education - ARC Institute

. 2015 - Compliance Course, Executive Education - FGV/SP

. 2012 - Lawyer graduated from Law School of Direito São Bernardo College.


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PhD in Criminal Law and specialized in economic criminality and criminal behavior, have worked in project outlining and management and Legal Advising for the Public Prosecution Office and the Judiciary both of the State of Parana - Brazil.


. 2020 – Visiting Scholar at the Basque Institute of Criminology, University of Basque Country, Donostia/San Sebastian, Spain

. 2020 – Ph.D. in “Law, Justice and Citizenship in the XXI Century” at the Faculty of Economics, Centre for Social Studies and Faculty of Law - University of Coimbra

. 2019 – Visiting Scholar at the Leuven Institute of Criminology - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

. 2010 – LL.M in Economic Criminal Law - European, Economic and Criminal Law Institute, Coimbra, Portugal

. 2010 – Master Degree in Criminal Law at the Faculty of Law – University of Coimbra, Portugal

. 2007 - Post Graduation in Constitutional Law at the Brazilian Academy of Constitutional Law, Paraná, Curitiba

. 2006 - Post Graduation in Criminal Law at the Federal University of Paraná, Curitiba

. 2005 - Graduated from Law School at Londrina State University, Paraná


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Legal executive and lawyer specialist in labor law and labor process laws, and corporate law as well, with successful track record as chief legal officer, board member, fiscal committee member, and coordinator of c-suite level committees.

Experienced in diverse economic segments, including mining, logistic, agrobusiness, educational and pharmaceutical.

Business-oriented professional with an accurate sense for business and negotiations. His professional track record as legal executive plus his attorney practice experience, allows him to understand companies’ expectations that guides him on seeking sustainable and efficient solutions that fits the companies’ needs. 


. 2017 - Insper/SP – Masters of Laws (LL.M.) Corporate Law;

. 2009 - Mackenzie Presbyterian University – Specialist in Labour and Procedural Law;

. 2006 - Lawyer graduated from Law School of Mackenzie University.


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Business-oriented advisor with relevant track record as outside counsel, global / latam legal executive for major companies, member of independent advisory boards and as international lecturer. 

Successfully handles complex corporate crisis, legal, regulatory and compliance issues; and counsels senior leaders on substantial issues focusing on strategic, sustainable and systematised outcomes.

Works effectively with c-suite level committees, senior and mid-level management and cross-functional structures (local and abroad). His experience in the government (Petrobras and Brazilian Army), academic (legal & compliance), in-house counsel (legal, compliance, regulatory matters, business administration and Corporate Security), outside counsel ("street" and corporate crimes) and NGO's (social) sectors brought together several skills that lead to innovative and effective solutions for corporate issues.


2013 - Postgraduate studies in business administration – CBA – Insper/SP

2012 - Compliance & Ethics Academy – Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics – SCCE

. 2010 - LLM in Economic criminal Law – IBCCrim & Law School of Coimbra, Portugal

. 2009 - LLM in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law – PUC/SP – COGEAE

. 2006 - Lawyer graduated from the Law School of Mackenzie University

. 2000 - Infantry Lieutenant – Reserve Officers Center of the Brazilian Army – CPOR/SP


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Lawyer with an analytical profile and focus on integrity risk management, which includes internal policy development as well as investigation of wrongdoings, internal fraud and corporate crimes.

Support Legal and Compliance Departments and their executives with a simple and accessible approach, including in-house work if demanded.



. 2019 - Compliance Course, Executive Education - Insper /SP

. 2019 - Compliance Program, School of Law - OAB / SP

. 2018 - Compliance Practice Training, Academia VIAETICA /SP

. 2017 - Post Graduation in Criminal Law, School of Public Prosecution of SP

. 2014 - Lawyer graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of SP - PUC/SP